A house, 18 musicians, and a lot of creative energy. This is how the tenth audiovisual piece from La Sra. Tomasa and El Colectivo comes to life, presenting a new visual and sonic venture that travels through the unique world of Adala, the alternatimba of Compota de Manana, the trapflamenco of Queralt Lahoz, and many more.

The Barcelona-based band continues to surprise with its creative ability to present a 15-minute short film with 6 new songs featuring the well-known group of musicians and artists, El Colectivo, formed by some of the most prominent names in the Barcelona music scene. This time, they collaborate with Ahyvin Bruno from Las Karamba, Compota de Manana, Queralt Lahoz, Niño Maldito, Adala, The Sey Sisters, Desiree Diouf, Marcio Ramírez, and J O H A, among others.

“X” is the name of the new musical and audiovisual experience proposed by La Sra. Tomasa. An unprecedented music video where the viewer goes through 7 different environments to achieve a fully immersive experience. This is how they invite us to dance with the Latin sounds of Compota de Manana and Ahyvin Bruno. Queralt Lahoz and Niño Maldito take advantage of the intimacy of the room to demonstrate trap-flamenco with a powerful and warm performance that combines with the dark rhythms and agile verses of Niño Maldito. We climb the stairs of the house to discover the inner world of Adala, taking shape to give way to a song with soul and African sounds, featuring The Sey Sisters and Desiree Diouf. The last collaboration takes place on the terrace. With a barbecue and surrounded by good friends, La Sra. Tomasa, J O H A, and Marcio Ramírez celebrate with a song that combines rap and rumba.

With this “X,” they bid farewell to the journey they have taken with El Colectivo to focus on creating their new album, where La Sra. Tomasa explores her insatiable desire to innovate in the current music scene with an album that will also celebrate their 10 years of formation.

“X” will be available exclusively on YouTube on November 28 and will reach the rest of the platforms on December 1.

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