DJNYCE Afro Mix 2019

As the popularity of Afrobeat music continues to spread worldwide, many DJs have taken it upon themselves to create Afrobeat mixtapes that showcase the best of the genre. One such DJ is DJNYCE, who released his Afro Mix 2019 in the fall of that year.

The mixtape is a perfect representation of the diverse and eclectic sounds of Afrobeat music. From the sweet melodies of Davido’s “Fall” to the hard-hitting beats of Burna Boy’s “Anybody,” DJNYCE takes listeners on a journey through the many sub-genres of Afrobeat music.

The mixtape also features some of the biggest names in Afrobeat music, including Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and Yemi Alade. These artists have helped to popularize the genre and have become household names not only in Africa but around the world.

DJNYCE’s Afro Mix 2019 is the perfect mixtape for anyone looking to discover or rediscover the vibrant and dynamic sounds of Afrobeat music. With its catchy beats, infectious rhythms, and undeniable energy, this mixtape is sure to get anyone dancing and grooving along.

As the popularity of Afrobeat music continues to grow, it is important to have DJs like DJNYCE who are dedicated to promoting and celebrating the genre. With his Afro Mix 2019, DJNYCE has done just that, showcasing the very best of Afrobeat music and introducing it to new audiences around the world.

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